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How to Join

1) Read the Rules and Setting Information
If you are new to livejournal roleplaying, you may also want to read this LJ RP FAQ. If you are already an LJ-RPer, you may notice that our community is not run like most other LJRP groups. We've developed what we feel works best for our particular style of community, but constructive criticism is always welcome.

2) Look at the Character List
If a character you are interested in is available, reserve them. Remember that a reservation is not a guarantee of a character, so you may wish to check back every now and then to see who is available. If you wish to play an OC (original character), you don't have to tell us first. If you do not have a livejournal account but would still like to join, you can reserve or apply via email.

3) Fill out the Application
If you are unsure how to answer something, you can look at the journals for accepted characters and see how they filled out theirs. These are linked on the Character List. You can also ask the mods for advice or help. When writing your character, you may find the timeline, map, or the research tag to be helpful. If you're stuck for OC ideas, try the NPC Directory; you may find there is an NPC that you'd like to turn into a PC.

4) PM the application to swff_mods or email it to us
Click here to PM the mods. You will need your application again later so you should also save a copy of it.

5) Wait for Mod approval
Since there are three mods in three different time zones and we all have to agree, it may take a few days for us to get back to you. While you wait, you can catch up on older posts on for_nottingham, check out our FAQs & Guides, browse the comm's memories to see mod posts and character introductions, or read the LJRP newbie guide mentioned earlier. You can also join soddingham and talk there, but please don't apply to join for_nottingham yet.

6) If you are accepted, Congrats!
Once you're accepted, you can then make a new journal for your character. The name can be whatever you like but should be relevant to the character. Post a copy of your application (with any tweaks the mods suggested) to your journal, apply to join for_nottingham, and friend other character's journals if you want. You might also want to post your application to soddingham to introduce your character to the other players. Then you will be ready to start roleplaying!

If at any point you have a question or feedback, feel free to contact the moderators and let us know.


Setting Information

October, 1193

King Richard has been out of country for six years, on Crusade in the Holy Land. His younger brother John, unsatisfied with his inheritance, has begun plotting to take the throne. Together with Vaizey, the Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John has formed a coalition of men who have pledged themselves to taking power: the Black Knights.

Robin Hood, once Earl of Huntingdon and now an outlaw with a price on his head, fights for justice and the rights of the poor. His bitter rivalry with Vaizey has taught him that the Black Knights do not care for England or its people—they want only power and money.

When the Black Knights gathered to ratify their agreement by signing the Great Pact of Nottingham, Robin Hood risked his life to stop them and almost died in his failed attempt. Now Vaizey and the Black Knights are proceeding with their plans, collecting funds and building an army, and Robin and his band of outlaws must find a way to stop them.

Tensions run high and loyalties are tested as the Black Knights vie for favor with Prince John and the outlaws deal with the defection of Allan A Dale to the Sheriff's right-hand-man, Guy of Gisborne. Lady Marian continues to play the dangerous game of spying for Robin from within the castle. With every day the stakes get higher and the danger greater, but until King Richard comes home, the good people of Nottingham fight on.

Our game is set in the universe of the 2006 BBC show Robin Hood, specifically beginning mid Series 2. If you are not familiar with the show, that is okay! Because we're far heavier with realism than the show is, you can just consider us an AU 1193 historical RP that happens to have characters of legend.

If you are interested in knowing about the show more, this may be of some help. If you want to know more about the myth of Robin Hood, here is an in-depth guide to the man. That site also has some information about Nottingham and Sherwood Forest.

To help merge show-canon with historical events, we have created a map of Nottinghamshire and a timeline. which lays out when certain historical events are canon for our roleplay. The research tag on soddingham is also handy for asking and answering questions about canon and history.

We are not currently accepting character applications.

To reserve a character
Comment with the name of the character you want to reserve. Reservations last for 7 days. You can still apply for reserved character, but the reserver's application will be considered first.
Players are encouraged to put their own 'spin' on characters which are introduced into the series after the start of the game (after season 2, episode 6), as long as it doesn't contradict what's already in-game as canon. Basically, we'll judge show-canon changes on a case by case basis but don't be afraid to make the character your own.

If you do not have a livejournal account, you can either comment here anonymously or email us with your reservation, then do the same with your application when you are ready. If you need help setting up your journal once you are accepted, let us know.

Original characters and canon characters not listed are also welcome!
You can also have a look at our NPC Directory for OC ideas. If you think you might be interested in a canon character but haven't seen the show, feel free to PM the mods and we'll send you more information about them.


Sir Nicholas de Beaumont
Titles: Earl of Warwick.
Occupation: Earl, former Crusader.


Sir Guy of Gisborne
Currently being subbed by sir_gisborne
Titles: Lord of Locksley.
Occupation: Nottingham Castle's Master at Arms.
Titles: None.
Occupation: Blacksmith in Locksley.


Bran Ap Cadwgan
Titles: Knight.
Occupation: Mercenary, trains guards at Nottingham Castle.
Allan a Dale
Titles: None.
Occupation: Servant of Guy of Gisborne, former outlaw.
Lady Catherine d'Aubigny
Titles: Lady
Occupation: Same as title.
Prince John of England
This character is available.
Titles: Prince of England, Count of Mortain, and Lord of Ireland.
He was previously played, and is currently being subbed by the mods when needed. If you are at all interested in the character, please reserve him and/or contact the mods, and we will PM you with the information you need for your ap.
Sir Edward Fitzwalter
This character is available.
Father to Lady Marian, Edward escaped to a local abbey with Robin Hood's help.
Titles: None.
Occupation: Kitchen maid at Nottingham Castle.
Titles: None.
Occupation: Barber in Nottingham city.
Nisa Polat
Titles: None.
Occupation: Former al-Shuj’aan, current cooking stall worker.
Lady Isabella Thornton
Titles: Lady.
Occupation: Same as title.
"Squire" Thomas Thornton
Title: Squire, Lord of Shrewsbury
Occupation: same as title
Isabella Thornton's abusive husband.
Sheriff Vaizey
This character is available.
Titles: Sheriff of Nottingham.
Occupation: Same as title.


Titles: none.
Occupation: Outlaw; her parents are peasants in Locksley, though not serfs.
Titles: none.
Occupation: Outlaw; joined ranks with Robin and gang after they freed her and other Saracen slaves. Previously medically trained by her father.
Robin Hood
Titles: former Lord of Locksley and Earl of Huntingdon
Occupation: Leader of a gang of outlaws, former crusader.
Little John
This character is available.
An imposing man, he lead a gang of "Deadmen" until joining Hood's band. Here is his page on the RH wikia.
Lady Marian Fitzwalter
Titles: Lady of Knighton.
Occupation: Secretly the "Nightwatchman".
Titles: None.
Occupation: Outlaw in Hood's gang, Robin's manservant, former crusader.
Will Scarlett
This character is available.
Titles: None.
Occupation: Outlaw in Hood's gang, former carpenter. This character is currently being subbed. If you are interested in playing him, please submit an application to the mods.
Brother Tuck
This character is available.
Tuck is a well-traveled warrior monk. Here is his page on the RH wikia.


Sir James de Molyneaux
Titles: Lord of Teversal.
Occupation: Retired Hospitaller.

T H E ~ O R I E N T

This character is available.
A lone traveler and con-man, without title. He was previously played, and is currently being subbed with mod permission when needed. If you are at all interested in the character, please reserve him and/or contact the mods, and we will PM you with the information you need for your application.

Characters by Location
Characters By Name
Available characters in red.
Reserved characters are in blue
Beaumont, Nicholas de
Cadwgan, Bran ap
Dale, Allan a
d'Aubigny, Catherine
England, John of
Fitzwalter, Edward
Fitzwalter, Marian
Gisborne, Guy of
Hood, Robin
Little, John
Molyneux, James de
Polat, Nisa
Scarlett, Will
Thornton, Isabella
Thornton, Thomas
Vaizey, Sheriff


We are not currently accepting new character applications.

This application is thorough because we want to see that you have developed and thought out the character. When you've completed it, please PM it to us. If it is too long, you can email it to us. After it is approved, make a journal for that character and post the application there. You should update it as your character grows.

Name: Character's Full Name, including titles
Nicknames: Character's nicknames listed here
Age and DoB: Age, DoB (Day and Month or DD-MM-YYYY, approximate is fine)
Gender: Male or female, we're guessing.
Relationship: Character's relationship status and sexual preference. Answer whatever answer you feel is appropriate (ex. married but frequent cheater, celibate monk, in love but not committed, creepy obsessed stalker, etc)
Occupation/Rank/Title: Potter, Earl, Outlaw, etc. If outlaw, note why; murder, treason or making faces at Sheriffs?
Contact Information: We need to be able to contact you, so please let us know your preferred method. If you want to be contacted via PM, make sure you can be contacted by people not on your friends list.

Height: Height of character here.
Eye Color: Eye color here. If 'hazel'; note the kind of hazel (hazel brown, hazel green, hazel blue, etc)
Hair: Hair color and usual style goes here, as well as standard facial hair (eg. bald with a wicked fu manchu)
Distinguishing features: Any tattoos, piercings, scars, missing limbs, etc. Anything physical that makes your character stand out should be noted here.
Played by: If you have a specific person in mind for your character's appearance, please note their name here. You can also link us to an image or icon if you want.
Style: What does your character like to wear? Does the character have a distinctive walk? Does the character have a lisp or a catch-phrase? This area is for anything physical that doesn't fit anywhere else

Describe your character's personality and motivations. We want to know their strengths, weakness, likes, and dislikes. Does your character care about the Crusades, the struggle over the crown, or the fight between Robin Hood and the Sheriff? If so, what are your opinions, and if not, explain why. We're looking for a good couple of paragraphs here.

Hometown: Where are they from? If your character is from Nottinghamshire, please give them a home town that is on our map. We ask this to keep the game canon consistent.
Family: Parent's and siblings names, ages, and occupations. If there's other family members that are important to the character, note them here.
History: Character's history goes here. It should be a good couple of paragraphs and have as much information as possible.

Writing Sample:
Put an example of your writing here. It doesn't have to be your best, but about how your average post would look. Content wise, it can be whatever you like. It can be a sample from a previous role-play, an exert from fic you have written, or you can write up an example post for this character.

Anything else?
Anything else you think the mods should know goes here. You can remove this completely, leave it blank, or just say hello.

Mod Contact Post

Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact the mods here. Comments are screened and anonymous posting is enabled and IP logging is off, so don't be shy to ask or say whatever you're thinking. We'll unscreen questions that may help others with the roleplay experience after we've answered (unless you ask us not to). If you don't want to leave a comment, you can send us a PM or email.

Your mods are:

Starbuckadale @ googlemail.com
Send PM

Hulamoth @ yahoo.com
Send PM

Send PM

Previous Questions:

Can those under 18 join?
Yes, but our com is flagged at adult content, which means you need to be 14

Why was my request to join denied?
You probably tried to join for_nottingham with your main livejournal account. for_nottingham membership is open only to characters and mods. You can watch the community, but can't join. You CAN join and participate in our OOC community, soddingham, even if you are just a lurker.

How do I work around NPCs and unclaimed characters?
A generic NPC can be controlled by whomever. For show-canon characters that are not currently being played, it is fine to treat them as a normal NPC. However, try not to get them killed, and please tag the post with their names so that when a player does pick them up, they can find out what their character has been involved in. Some specific NPCs have other rules as to the limits players can use them, see the NPC Directory for more information.

How do I go about picking up a character that is currently available, but has been played before?
If you would like to play a character for whom information has already been established--whether they are NPCs or characters who have been played previously--we ask you to fill out an entire new application. If there are things that have been referenced in game, such as age, a family member, or a hometown, we ask that you keep that. Everything else, however, may be changed, and we encourage you to put your own spin on the character. Basically, we want the character you play to be *yours* but we also want as much continuity as possible.

If I am going to play an OC, do I need to let the mods know first or reserve them somehow?
No, you don't need to notify us. If you need help or advice when writing your OC, feel free to ask us for input.

Do you have a banner or something so that I can advertise the group?
Yes! Please see our Community Advertising and Affiliates post.

NPC Directory

NPC Directory
This is a partial list of "named" NPCs. Reoccurring non-player characters can be listed here, but not generic background people or those mentioned only in passing. If you've come up with an NPC and want to allow other people to use them, please fill this out and comment. If there is a major update to your NPC (such as losing a limb or changing jobs), then edit your comment or make a new comment with the change.

Character listCollapse )


This timeline is in two parts. The first part has events important to the backstory of the roleplay, including actual historical events as well as backstory from the show and the created history of our characters so our players can work with recent political events including the Crusades. We deviate from history in late 1192; King Richard has not yet been taken hostage.

The second part is a list of all in-game activity, including threads posted on for_nottingham and story posts made on character journals. If you have an event you would like added or have spotted something that should be altered, please comment to this post.

Historical Background

brown - dates of historical significance
blue - dates important for the show
red - dates in the roleplay

[Historical Background]
December - Sir James is born

15 July - Dedication of the Crusader Church of the Holy Sepulchre

April - Nur ad-Din takes Damascus, unites Muslim Syria

8 September - Richard Plantagenet is born

30 August - Bran ap Cadwgan is born

28 December - Nicholas de Beaumont is born

23 January - Guy is born

Series of invasions by Crusaders into Egypt. Roger of Gisborne and Henri de Beaumont, Earl of Warwick both go on one of these crusades after 1164

26 April - Leofric celebrates his birthday

3 November - Isabella is born

14 October - Robin is born

24 December - Prince John is born

24 May - Joan celebrates her birthday

6 August - Marian is born

12 November - Djaq is born

July - Henry, Richard, and Geoffrey rebel against King Henry II; fighting takes place on the continent; Eleanor is imprisoned

December - Archer is born

JanuaryMalcolm, Roger and Ghislaine die; Guy and Isabella make their way to Anjou

September - The princes and king reconcile

October - Saladin takes Damascus

13 January - Hilla is born

November - Crusader army defeats Saladin at Mont Gisard

February - Isabella marries Thomas Thornton.

May - June - Saladin besieges and takes Aleppo

Guy of Lusignan become King of Jerusalem, rules until 1194

Richard takes up the cross (but does not leave for Crusade)

Robin and Much leave for Crusade

20 September-2 October - Saladin lays siege to Jerusalem and takes the city

13 September - Richard crowned king

Massacres of Jewish populations which continue through spring, 1190

WinterVaizey and Guy come to Nottingham

July - Kings Philip of France and Richard of England set out on the Third Crusade

Winter - French and English stay in Sicily

Winter/Spring - Guy attempts to assassinate Richard

12 July - Acre surrendered to Kings Philip, Richard and Guy (of Lusignan); Philip departs the Holy Land for France shortly afterward

7 September - Richard meets Saladin at the Battle of Arsuf

October - London opens its gates to Prince John, who expels Richard's vassal there

November-December - Richard's Crusaders march toward Jerusalem but turn back to the coast

24 April - Robin and Much arrive back in Locksley

26 April - Robin is outlawed

June - Richard's Crusaders march again toward Jerusalem but turn back again

8 September - Guy holds a party for the King's birthday and announces his engagement to Marian

8 September - The Pact of Nottingham is signed.

29 September Michaelmas Ball. Lucatz assassinates the Earl of Arundel.

10-17 October - The annual Nottingham Fair is held

Roleplay Timeline

brown - events on for_nottingham
blue - events on character journals
red - storyline, "Narrator" posts

[Threads set before the start time of the game]
November, 1185
The resolution to a 'falling-out' between a young Robin and Marian.

[Episode One: Michaelmas]

Episode One: Michaelmas

12 September
Morning - Allan and Guy ride into Nottingham and discuss their near future.
Afternoon - Invitations to the Sheriff's Michaelmas Masquerade arrive.
Afternoon - Lucatz encounters Marian in the stables and they are soon confronted by Guy and Allan.
Mid-afternoon - Allan and Lucatz visit a tailor, then head to the Trip.
Afternoon - The outlaws attack Sir James in Sherwood and let him go when they realize he is a crusader.
Late afternoon - The outlaws meet up at camp and Robin begins planning a raid.
Evening - Sir James meets his peasants in Teversal
Late Evening - Vaizey discusses the assassination of the Earl of Arundel with Lucatz.

13 September
Afternoon- Sir James settles in to his new home.

15 September
Mid-morning - Lucatz and Hilla search Vaizey's office.
After Sunset - Isabella leaves her husband and begins her journey to Nottingham.

16 September
Evening - Vaizey hides a letter by Lucatz, then has a meeting with his nephew.

17 September
Night- Isabella continues on her journey.

19 September
Just after dawn - Guy makes his morning report to Vaizey.
Very early in the morning - A Teversal resident tells the outlaws they must find help elsewhere.
Midday - Isabella meets Lucatz on her way to Nottingham and he escorts her into town.
Early afternoon - Marian tries to snoop in the castle and gets caught by Guy and Vaizey.
Late afternoon - Allan and Lucatz have a very educational visit to the Trip.
Evening - Isabella finally gets some rest at one of Nottingham's inns.

20 September
Midday - Isabella goes shopping for a new wardrobe.
Late afternoon - Sir James visits the castle and meets with Guy. Djaq follows him, but gets caught by Lucatz.

21 September
Mid-morning - Lucatz seeks romance advice from Guy.
Mid-morning - Vaizey checks in with Allan.
Late afternoon - Djaq has some time alone and thinks about the gang, Allan, and "Lucas."
Evening - Bran has a run in with the outlaws. They make camp in some caves, and he offers to act as a spy for them.
Night - Djaq and Much head back to camp.
Sept 21- 24- Isabella learns that Guy is not in Nottingham, and decides to write to Lucatz

22 September
Morning - Robin sneaks into Locksley to speak with Marian then has a confrontation with Guy.
Evening - Robin returns to camp, where the outlaws brief him on "Sir Brian."

23 September
Afternoon - Vaizey has a meeting with Lucatz and gives him a forged letter.
Afternoon - Bran talks with Leofric and Guy in the Locksley smithy.

24 September
Late morning - Vaizey meets with Bran and the latter agrees to act as a double agent.
Early afternoon - Marian and Guy have a romantic chat by the pond in Locksley.
Evening - Djaq leads Bran from Nottingham to a secret meeting with the other outlaws.
Sept 24- 27 - Isabella and Lucatz exchange letters, making arrangements to attend the Michaelmas ball together.

25 September
Afternoon - Guy visits Teversal and meets Sir James.

26 September
Early morning - Lord Nicholas goes to Locksley, expecting Robin, and finds Guy in charge instead.
Afternoon - Sir James' nephew pays him a visit.
Evening - Emmaline works a late shift at the Trip while Lucatz and Allan come for a few drinks.

28 September
Early afternoon - Elizabeth heads to Nottingham and meets up with a friend.
Dusk - Thornton arrives in Nottingham.

29 September
Mid-morning - Archer, Allan, Bran, Sir James, and Leofric share a few rounds at the Trip. Eventually it is just Archer and Allan, and they have some fun on their own.
Afternoon and immediately after - Lord Nicholas prepares to leave for Nottingham.
Late afternoon - Thornton begins his search for Isabella by talking to Leofric.
Just before sunset - Lucatz and Isabella meet before the party.
Sunset - The Main Michaelmas Masquerade post.
Early in the Party - Lucatz assassinates the Earl of Arundel.
During the Party - Prince John and his wife have an argument in private, and Bran and the Sheriff eavesdrop.
During the Party - Bran discovers the deceased Earl.
During the Party - Lucatz and Isabella go for a walk in the moonlight and are interrupted by Sir Guy.
Late in the party - Robin and the outlaws perform their heist.
Late in the party - Isabella retires on Guy's order and Elizabeth accompanies her; in the morning they learn that Robin Hood has been implicated in the murder of the earl.
Late in the party and continued - Sir James hunts for the outlaws but finds only evidence.
End of the party - Guy, Prince John, and Allan escort Robin to the dungeon and proceed to interrogate him.
Very Late - Sir James and Allan hit up the Trip for drinks after the ball.
Night - The Outlaws return to Sherwood after the heist.

30 September
Morning - Vaizey informs Lucatz he will not be allowed to return to Arundel as planned; Lucatz negotiates the job of seneschal.
Morning - Lucatz and Hilla have a chat about Lucatz's new circumstances.
Mid-morning - Vaizey offers Isabel a startling proposition.
Late Morning - Vaizey hosts a brunch for the party guests.
Mid-day - Guy belatedly makes his morning report to Vaizey, who decides to have a talk with Isabella. Guy and Isabella then play an awkward game of catch-up.
Early Afternoon - Lucatz and Catherine discuss the murder, then Catherine is introduced to Allan.
Early Afternoon - Lucatz and the outlaws discuss Robin's situation.
Early Afternoon - Nicholas rides back to Clun after the brunch and meets Elizabeth on the way.
Afternoon - Bran visits Robin in the dungeon.
Late Afternoon - Marian eavesdrops while the Sheriff assigns Allan the task of spying on Guy and Isabella.
Early Evening - Lucatz has a meeting with Vaizey to discuss finances.

1 October
Morning - Elizabeth and Matthew have a serious discussion.
Lunchtime - James and Vivian discuss the ball, and plan to build a church in Teversal.
Mid-day - Lucatz asks Hilla to take food to Robin in the dungeon.
Afternoon - Sir Nicholas makes a fake sympathy visit to Robin in the dungeon.

[Episode Two: The Fair]

Episode Two: The Fair

2 October
Mid-day - Joan asks Leofric about apprenticing her son.
Evening - Guy, Isabella, and Marian bump into each other after dinner.

3 October
Mid-day - Allan takes Catherine out riding and shows her a very private place behind a waterfall.
Afternoon - The outlaws try to cope with Robin's capture.
Early Evening - Allan and Catherine pay a visit to Sir James.
Evening - Leofric decides to tell Guy about his encounter with Thornton.
After sunset - Marian visits the Outlaws' camp to check up on Robin; Marian stays the night and shares a kiss with Robin.

5 October
Mid-morning - James stops by the smithy after Mass in Locksley.
Late morning - James calls on Guy and Isabella; James and Isabella hit it off but James and Guy do not.

6 October
Morning - Nicholas and Bran pay a visit to James; Bran and James get into a fight in front of the Teversal villagers.
Afternoon - The outlaws make plans for mischief at the fair.

7 October
Mid-morning - Elizabeth's brother Ned becomes Leofric's apprentice.

9 October
Afternoon - Bran and Guy have a chat.

10 October
Morning - Vaizey calls a meeting of the Council of Nobles and announces new taxes; Marian and James announce their displeasure and James is arrested.
Morning - Joan opens her stall for business at the fair. She comes to something of an understanding with Sir Guy, gains a new client in Leofric, and is promised a drink by Allan.
Late Morning - Nicholas has a proposition for Lucatz.
Late Morning - Sir James is taken to the dungeon by Guy. Isabella stops by to tell him to be careful.
Late Morning - Sir Nicholas decides to discuss Sir James's situation with the Sheriff and reveals a bit of the Gisbornes' past. Guy realizes that Vaizey and Nicholas have been talking about him.
All Day, and through the fair - Vaizey attempts to recruit more guards.

11 October
Late Morning - Robin and James come to an understanding.

12 October
Morning - Marian and Isabella visit the fair and get to know each other; they stop by Joan's booth.

13 October
Before Dawn - Prince John leaves Nottingham; Princess Isabel leaves a few hours later.
Morning - Isabella bandages a cut on Guy's hand; as he and Allan prepare to hunt Robin in the forest Isabella learns of Allan's past.

14 October (Robin Hood's birthday)
Early Morning - Isabella and Guy finally discuss her marriage, but it doesn't go well.
Afternoon - Djaq and Allan run in to each other at the fair and renew their friendship.
Afternoon - Lady Isabella and Robin Hood resume their acquaintance, but Isabella doesn't know it until Robin is gone.
Late Afternoon - Marian has a gift for Robin, and he has one for her as well.

17 October
All Day - Many of the residents of Nottingham and the surrounding villages show up for the last day of the fair. Allan shares a plan to capture Robin Hood with Bran and the Sheriff, then runs into Archer; Hilla has a chat with Joan, who takes advantage of a less-than-friendly conversation between Isabella and Catherine to swipe something; Guy is guilted into buying Marian jewelry against her wishes; Djaq runs into both James and Bran again and Nico and James discuss recent events over beer.

18 October
Early Morning - Squire Thornton shows up at the castle to ask if the Sheriff if his wife has been seen; Vaizey sends him on a wild goose chase into Sherwood.

19 October
Morning - Djaq comes to Teversal to talk with James about the Holy Land.
Night - The outlaws check in after a long day.

20 October
A correspondance between James and Nicholas where they discuss local politics, the state of their lands, and working together to keep up their fighting physique.

21 October
Evening - Nicholas catches up on the news with Elizabeth.

22 October
Noon - Bran meets the outlaws to bring them news of the Sheriff's doings.
After Sunset - Joan and Allan meet up for drinks at the Trip Inn.

24 October
Afternoon - James and Vivian hammer out the details of the new church at Teversal at with the abbot of Dale Abbey.

27 October
Late Afternoon - Hilla runs into the outlaws in town.

30 October
Afternoon - After some sparring to keep up their skills, Nicholas and James discuss politics and projects.

[Episode Three: The Hunt]

Episode Three: The Hunt

5 November
Afternoon - Isabella and Marian engage in some sparring practice.

11 November
Afternoon - Nisa and Allan become acquainted with each other.

Early night - While Marian is making a delivery as the Nightwatchman, Robin meets her to tell her of his plan to free her father from the dungeon. Marian decides that after the rescue, she will flee to the forest with the outlaws.

12 November
Evening - Robin sneaks into the castle to tell Edward of their plan to free him, and asks for permission to propose to Marian. He receives it.

13 November
Mid-morning - Hilla chats with a curious newcomer in Nottingham.

14 November
Night - After freeing Edward and dropping him off at Repton Abbey, Marian settles into the outlaw camp.

15 November
Morning - Isabella visits the market and runs into Joan.

17 November
Morning - Leofric heads into the forest to try and figure out why he hasn't gotten his regular charcoal shipment. Along the way, he runs into Robin.

18 November
Late afternoon - Much and Hilla run into each other on the road to Nottingham.

20 November
Early morning - Everyone gathers at the castle before the start of the hunt.
All day - The Hunt for the Boar; wherein Nicholas and Bran see some action, Guy sulks, Isabella has an interesting conversation, and Hilla gets lost in the forest.
During the Hunt - Allan comes face to face with the last people he wants to see: the outlaws.
Evening - A post-hunt feast is held at the castle.

21 November
Late morning - Guy wants to know where Allan was during the hunt.

22 November
Late afternoon - Hilla heads to Clun to help out while Nicholas is short of staff.

25 November
Mid-day - Sir James hosts a feast to celebrate the dedication of the new Church in Teversal. Will and Djaq come to see the new church and Sir James and Isabella discuss politics.
Early afternoon - Djaq and Marian get to know each other better.

27 November
Evening - Robin tries to find out from Catherine what she knows about the murder of the Earl.

[Episode Four: Christmas 1193]

Episode Four: Christmas 1193

1 December
Afternoon - Robin and Marian become engaged. They share an intimate moment.

6 December
Afternoon - Sir James sends Allan an invitation to come for Christmas.
Late Afternoon - Isabella comes to Locksley to ask Guy a question, but ends up hanging out with Allan.

12 December
Night - Marian learns about Robin's nightmares and, though not easily, both share a little bit about what their experiences were like while they were apart.

13 December
Morning - Much tries to discuss Robin's nightmares and their experiences in the Holy Land with Robin, who is unable to do the same.

24 December
Afternoon - Isabella sends Marian a basket of gifts and gets a note in return.
Evening - Isabella and Thornton spend Christmas Eve together.

25 December
Morning - The Outlaws share a Christmas breakfast.

29 December
Afternoon - Sir James, Leofric, and Allan share a Christmas drink.

30 December
Evening - Marian comes across Caro, who has fled to the forest to hide from Guy.

[Episode Five: While the Cat's Away . . .]

Episode Five: While the Cat's Away . . .

1 January
Afternoon - Robin and Much find themselves trapped in a cave during a snowstorm. They discuss their friendship, their history, and why they can't talk about the war.

25 January
Early Morning - Robin, Marian, and Isabella catch up and begin to hatch a new plot.

2 February
Early Afternoon - Caro has a bad day and a haircut, as well as a chat with Will.

12 February
Afternoon - Guy and James attempt a détente, but end up playing a rather tense game of chess.

14 February
Afternoon - An impromptu party happens on a frozen pond outside the walls of the city; Leofric runs into Caro for the first time she took to the woods and then gets to know Hilla.

7 April
Afternoon - While seeking information in the castle, Robin comes face to face with Allan.

10 April
Morning - Catherine and Isabella have a chat after Easter Mass, though Isabella has ulterior motives.

18 April
Afternoon - Leofric is startled to receive the custom of Isabella, who asks him to make a dagger--and keep it secret.

2 May
Late Morning - Marian and Much try to clear the air between them but don't succeed.

11 May
Evening - An unexpected run-in leads Isabella to discover that Marian is the Nightwatchman. Marian announces her intention to marry Robin, and invites Isabella to the wedding.

12 June
Morning - On his way home after a night of fun in Nottingham, Sir James encounters two Robin Hoods.

14 June
Morning - While Will's curiosity gets him in trouble in Clun, Much finds himself face-to-face with an old acquaintance.

15 June
Evening - While leaving Locksley after visiting her parents, Caro runs into Allan--on whom she's long held a crush.

Thanks to rochvelleth for working out a BBC Robin Hood timeline, upon which our dates in the show are based.


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Map of Nottinghamshire

This is our official map so that players have the option of using realistic travel and to help them better visualize the setting. We have also created a table of common travel routes to make judging travel times even easier.

Map behind the cutCollapse )

All distances on this chart are proximate and are based off of our map, not 'real life'. "From" and "To" can obviously be switched, the distance is the same regardless of which direction you are going. "By Road" means that it was measured using the most direct route by road, though it often includes at least a small amount of off-road travel. "Overland" is measured in a straight line between the destinations and does not account for terrain or other obstacles. If you need to know another distance or the exact distance between points according to our map, please feel free to ask swff_mods. You can also suggest more distances to add to this table.

From To By Road Overland
Nottingham Locksley 9.5 7.6
Nottingham Clun 7.7 6.1
Nottingham Taversall 15.3 12
Nottingham Nettlestone 10.5 7.8
Nottingham Knighton 6.5 4.3
Locksley Clun 8.5 3.3
Locksley Taversall 5.3 4.5
Locksley Nettlestone 5.2 4

Some speeds for judging travel times:
Walkin 3-4mph
Horse Trot 8-10mph
Horse Canter/lope 10-17mph
Horse Gallop 30mph, depending on breed/build/etc

Thanks to:
Our wonderful players for their encouragement, advice, and proofreading
British-genealogy.com for putting up this historical map of Nottingham, which much of our map is based on.
haecvir for his extraordinary graphics
railise and rochvelleth, for their Robin Hood BBC Map
StarRaven, for the cartography symbols



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